…an artistic style concerned with depicting the visual impression of the moment, especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and colour, seeking to communicate a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction…


Welcome to this online gallery. My home is in southern France, between the mountains and the sea. I’ve been gathering impressions of the hills and coastline, the changing seasons, and traditions and events in this region, and sometimes in other places: Portugal, Spain, England.


The rooms in this gallery show what I’m interested in. I’m fascinated by the seasonal changes in the landscape and the large and small elements within it. At the coast the boundaries between sea and sky and land shift and dazzle, disappear in mist and emerge again with the sun. It's great to feel in the moment and the flow with musicians I’m photographing. And my impressions of cities and the people in them are just that: moments that feel characteristic of a place and time.


Carnival is about the carnival in Limoux, which runs from January to March each year - the longest carnival in Europe. Groups of dancers parade round the main square of the town at weekends. Their costumes and formalised dance movements originate from the sixteenth century. The dancers throw confetti as a symbol of hopes for an abundant harvest. At the last night of the carnival an effigy of the carnival king is put on trial, found guilty and burned at the stake. People gather to watch and get involved in the spectacle. It is a strange and complex event for and from the local community. When I watch the processions I feel something ancient and unsettling, echoes from past times of riot and ritual, celebrating the changing seasons and hoping for better times to come. And I want to know what goes on behind the masks…

Confinement 2020 contains images made during the eight weeks of official lockdown as the French nation responded to the threat of Covid-19. All the pictures were taken within 1 kilometre of home. I have arranged them as18 pairs of images, to give an impression of the shifting and contrasting emotions generated by the experience of confinement.


Prints and online licensing are available of any of the images in this gallery: please contact me to discuss what you’d like.


Also please ask if you’d like to commission me to photograph a place or event.

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